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The newest kid on the block is Simply Super Solitaire. It has replaced the ad sponsored Simply Solitaire and augmented it with In-App purchase. This way it provides all solitaire games.



That one contains three games of luck that need absolutely no strategy whatsoever:

  1. BulletTri Peaks is an easy 52 card, collect all cards game of luck.

  2. BulletPyramid is a classic collect all cards of the pyramid game of luck.

  3. BulletMonte Carlo is a pair matching solitaire and the best addition to these games in style and gameplay.


Free Cell Solitaire Single contains exactly 2 free cell based solitaire games:

  1. BulletFree Cell is the standard 8 cascade plus 4 free cells game that became famous on another operating system.

  2. BulletEvening Star is an easy 52 card, 4 free cell, stock and waste game.

This game is intended for people who like to play Free Cell and do not necessarily want to play and buy more complex or advanced solitaire games. Evening Star may be included in future releases of the more expensive Super Solitaire Tetralogy. (Open in AppStore.)


Best of Klondike contains 4 games of solitaire that all play like the famous "Solitaire" on another operating system. Originally this game-rule is called Klondike in the USA and is played with 52 cards. In addition to the original rule, there are 3 German variations of Double-Klondike (104 cards) included that are at least 50 years old. The rules are called Surprise, Big Harp and My Mom´s. All of them are moderately easy to solve for advanced players, but also nice to play for beginners, who want to get started with solitaire. Included games:

  1. BulletSurprise (104 card Klondike style)

  2. BulletBig Harp (104 card Klondike style).

  3. BulletMy Mom´s  (104 card Klondike style)

  4. BulletSolitaire (Klondike/Easthaven, 52 cards)

This collection is intended for Solitaire players that do not care to learn many different rules or setups, but like to play a well known rule in four excitingly different variations. Please note that there is a slight overlap with the Super Solitaire Tetralogy. (Open in AppStore.)


Spider Solitaire contains several rules of Spider Solitaire. SPIDER (including BLACK WIDOW, RED-BLACK SPIDER, SINGLE-SUIT SPIDER) plays most single suit or the two suit spider rule variations that are well known from another operating system, and REASON FOR DIVORCE is a 4 suit, 104 card spider rule game from German solitaire books. This is a master solitaire game that requires strategy and thinking to be won and it actually can be won! Change some cheat settings and it will be easy to solve. The following 2 games (+ 3 rule variations) are included:

  1. BulletSpider (104 card Spider style)

  2. BulletBlack Widow (Rule variation of Spider)

  3. BulletRed-Black Spider (Rule variation of Spider)

  4. BulletSingle-Suit Spider (Rule variation of Spider)

  5. BulletReason for Divorce (104 card Spider style)

This collection is intended for Solitaire players that like to play a well known rule in 8 excitingly different variations. The master solitaire reason for divorce is taken from the Super Solitaire Tetralogy. (Open in AppStore.)


The Club Edition, contains five advanced games of solitaire:

  1. Bullet Kings Solitaire (104 card)

  2. Bullet The Clock (52 card, basic)

  3. Bullet Ancestor´s Gallery (104 card, gallery style)

  4. Bullet My Mom´s (104 card, Klondike style)

  5. Bullet Reason for Divorce (104 card, Spider style)

  6. Bullet Solitaire (52 card Klondike, deal 1)

Kings Solitaire stretches the limits of the screen with 12 tableau-stacks 8 foundations and 2 waste-piles. It is easy and solves very often. Ancestors Gallery finishes with only jacks, queens and kings left after solving the game (a must to have played). Divorce is the hardest in the set, as one would expect from a 104 card Spiderette style game. My Mom´s, is a standard 10 stack “Klondikeoid”.  The Clock is a simple and easy game that arranges the cards as a clock. If you manage not to overlook a card by going too fast, it solves quite often. See yourself on the “games and rules” blog. (Open in AppStore.)


The following top games of solitaire are part of the Diamond Edition:

  1. Bullet Windmill (104 card)

  2. Bullet Big Harp (104 card, Klondike st.)

  3. Bullet Pharaoh´s Grave (104 card, gallery style)

  4. Bullet Tableau (104 card)

  5. Bullet Tantalus (104 card, special twist)

  6. Bullet Monte Carlo and Pairs (52 card, pair matching)

  7. Bullet Canfield (52 card, basic)

Big Harp is a huge 104 card Klondike style game as it is played in Germany. You have a better chance of solving the game, as the German rules provide one additional stack. Pharaoh´s Grave is a 104 card, gallery style, free cell based game in which you build a pyramid for the King of Hearts. Tantalus will tantalize you and is a huge 12 cascade game that barely fits on the screen. After that relax with a game of Monte Carlo or Pairs which is a 52 card, pair matching solitaire. If you are up for more challenge you select Tableau, a 104 card tableau style game that is more difficult to solve. The classic Canfield is a 52 card, basic game with a single hidden cascade that needs to be resolved.  In contrast to the original, this rule interpretation solves quite often. Finally, Windmill is a 104 card fast playable "action" solitaire in a single suit. (Open in AppStore.)


Many thanks to the open source community for their valuable contributions. Many thanks to David Bellot for his cards (LGPL, available upon request), to for sounds and to the crystal icon and tango icon projects for a few icons. Thanks!


The default iTunes EULA applies. Don´t get addicted.



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Most rules originate from the German solitaire book “Die schönsten Patiencen” (Perlen-Reihe Verlag, out of print?) and most are solvable with skill, rather than luck.  In a real card game one can cheat, but on a computer you can not. So most computer solitaire applications have many really tough to win rules. Super Solitaire tries to be different: Most games should be solvable using a good strategy.  You will not need to mess with many rule variations, the default will maximize strategy and minimize luck. Often, I supply cheats (free cells or options to be activated in the rules panel) to make hard rules easier. Especially cheating-free-cells help a lot with the toughest rules from around 1880-1920.

I spent some time to think about how to visualize rules so that you do not need to read a lot when starting any new game - especially since my number one beta-tester (mom) - complained a lot about not “knowing the rules”.

Super Solitaire has all standard features: animated dealing, a hint system, undo, rule switching, automatic card collection to the foundations and sound ...


Super Solitaire is a game engine to play Solitaire games on an iPhone or iPod touch. The application was originally developed on a NeXT machine in 1993. It was never ported to Mac OS. After letting my mom beta-test this application she got addicted and frequently steals my iPhone to play several hours each day. This application is commercial quality, and very stable.

The focus is on rules that allow strategic play, not luck (except for the Pyramids collection). The default rule of each game is very carefully tuned to make playing fun and avoid frustrations. I do not blindly copy a rule because “it is out there”. The goal of Super Solitaire is quality rather than quantity of rules and games. The growing super solitaire family ...

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Diamond and Club Mixed Collections


Best of Klondike and Free Cell Specials


Best of Spider and Best of Pyramid Specials


Yukon/Beleaguered Castle Solitaire and La Belle Lucie



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